Do you want to create blog articles? Then you’ve come to the right place, we realize affordable blog articles that are placed on very interesting websites. Blogs are the solution to give your website a huge boost. Anyone who knows about SEO knows that keywords are the way to a high score on Google. But did you know that this is not the only thing? Blog link building is the ugly duckling among search engine optimization campaigns: nobody talks about it. But the impact of having a blog built is huge.

Why create a blog?

A blog is actually the foundation of your website. The more relevant blogs there are on the Internet with backlinks pointing to your website, the more relevant your website becomes for Google. In short, the search engines give your website a relevance score based on the number of links to your blog websites. And based on the reliability of those links, of course. So the more often you are talked about, the higher your ranking. So blogs are a very interesting way to get higher in Google because Google will reward your website with a higher position. With our network of blogging sites, our team will make sure that your relevance to Google increases quickly. Having blogs created about your business is the ideal method to make your website super interesting to Google’s algorithm. Blogs are actually a way of link building but much more effiecive. Why? Because a blog article only contains links from your website and the article contains relevant content about your business, products or services. Blogs are thus applied to get keywords higher in Google.

In our blogs our team will incorporate one or two of your keywords with a link that will point to your website. The websites where our blogs will be placed are one by one of high quality (at least 40+ DR). All our blogs are highly relevant and contain at least 800 words, related to your products, services or niche. Together we look at which keywords are interesting to support and for that we will create and post blogs.

The higher the DA and DR value of the websites or blog sites where your blogs will be placed the more value the links will get. Creating blogs that quickly support your keywords is our goal. Our way of link building* is the “missing link” to get a top position in Google.

Content creation is a huge problem for most companies. It is time consuming, expensive and often results in low quality output. Our team helps you create the content your business needs to grow without delays or frustrations. Articles are created based on criteria that best fits your business according to the Tier link building method!

Having a blog article on your site is one of the best ways to improve your SEO rankings. But if you are busy running your business and don’t have time to write article content yourself, you need our team! The article can be about anything you want to talk about, which means there are no limits to what kind of articles you generate with us!

We believe in “Evergreen Multitier link building” for the longer term.
By the way, we do not use home page, affiliate and homepage links!
We go for well-structured content of at least 1000+ words placed on fast good looking websites. Not only do you save hundreds of dollars a month but you end up with a much higher ranking return in the search engines.

We can create blogs in many languages for many countries.

Our blog packages in Dutch, English, French, German … For each country

Articles on High Authority relevant websites/domains with a Rating of at least 30 DR per blog
Structured Content – 1200 words
Posts spread over all tiers
Posts stripped down over 1 month
Maximum of 6 Money site links
Special link building to the 300 posts
Real traffic with High DA CBD blogs
Google indexed
Do-Follow backlinks
Safe backlinks
Very strong backlinks

Outsource your link building through our Organic Link building Network. Industry/Niche Relevant.
For local and national websites and online stores.

We also provide linkbuilkding backlinks in other languages
Blogs can be written in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish… Our international link building technique allows us to include ink building in multiple languages in our campaigns. For each country we offer special campaign.

We can set up link building networks in the most common languages. If you have a German or English website or a Spanish department, that’s no problem.

The campaigns are meant to help anyone who is active in any country to boost their rankings, not to mention their backlink profile. With the right content publishing system you too can get higher in google in other countries.

International Blog posts about your website.

Blogs can be written in Dutch and placed on .be or .nl domains but we also advise our clients to have blogs made in English because Google values an English article more than a blog in your own mother tongue. But of course we also create blogs in Dutch. French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish articles are also possible. Our national andinternational blog technique is very decisive for the keywords you want to support. By the way, when there is a lot of writing about your website in combination with different keywords referring to your website Google will find this very interesting and your position in the organic result of Google will increase significantly!

The websites on which we place our blogs all have a strong Domain Authority of 30+ DA and a very strong Domain Rating of minus 40+ DR per blog. Our national and international blog technique will give you keywords a real boost in Google’s ranking, within a few weeks you will already see a big difference!

Blog creation is indispensable for your visibility in Google. Blog Link Building is a powerful solution, provided that the links come from websites that are ‘well regarded’ and your own web page is SEO technically in order of course.

When you order a bog package from us you will be sent an Excel file containing all the links to the blogs. So you have an overview of the blog placements.

Want more info?

Do you want to know more about blogs? Contact us and we will gladly tell you about our way of working. Go to our contact form or call +32 495/21 45 83.